Put a smile on your face, with the right insurance protection

I hope that you are looking forward to bringing joy and happiness to kids and adults through your funfairs, circuses and shows.

Whilst times are bleak for all showmen and many hospitality businesses due to the lockdown, this will pass.  The time will come when you can see the smiles, hear the laughter and create the joy again.

The trick is to be ready and prepared.  In fact, I would recommend, preparation, preparation and preparation!


Put a smile on your face and get ready and motivated.

Whether you are family run, need employees or perhaps a combination of both, make sure that everyone is ready, knows what is expected of them.  You can prepare for unforeseen events by sharing tasks wherever possible.


Know your schedule

Whilst the planning might be fluid at the moment, with some shows being cancelled others will still go ahead.  Know and plan your schedule.


Check over your equipment

This is the time to ensure that your test certification is up to date, when the end of the lockdown is announced the testers are going to be very busy, don’t let lack of paper work prevent you from opening.


Arrange your insurance

Thankfully arranging your insurance is a short telephone conversation with Oliver or John at Acer Insurance Services.  We can arrange to send your insurance documents to you electronically or in the post if you prefer.


I am sure that I am not alone in monitoring the COVID-19 infection rates, and whilst the lockdown prevents opening and is cancelling some events.  The infections are reducing, which is why being ready is so important.




  • Oliver Burt

    Oliver Burt is a Director at Acer Insurance Services and founded the company in 2019, he specialises in company development and bespoke schemes for those with unusual and nonstandard insurance needs.
    Before founding Acer Insurance Services, Oliver was the Operations Manager at a small insurance broker in Sevenoaks where he was responsible for the day to day running of the business. Oliver has many years’ experience having worked within the insurance industry since 1996.
    Oliver is passionate about finding niche insurances that can make a real difference to people and businesses, finding solutions tailored to their insurance needs. He also is committed to developing the skills and knowledge of the team at Acer Insurance Services.
    In his spare time Oliver enjoys growing fruit and vegetables on his allotment and spending time with friends and family.