• Insurance for Ice Cream Vans

    Ice cream vans are one of the most profitable food truck businesses in the UK. While there are strict rules around operating an ice cream van business, and there is a degree of seasonality about the ice cream van trade, it’s 100% worth protecting your livelihood.

    Ice cream van insurance offers peace of mind protection against financial losses. This includes claims brought against you by employees or customers and insurance in case your van or equipment is damaged or stolen. We want to minimise financial losses and keep you in business and on the road all year round.

    What sort of Ice Cream Van Insurance might you need?

    Like many businesses, and outside catering businesses, there are several types of cover you need to keep you operating safely and profitably. These include:

    • Public liability insurance for ice cream vans: protects you from financial losses if a customer is injured or their property is damaged as a result of your business activities. For example, if a customer slips and falls on spilled ice cream.
    • Product liability insurance for ice cream vans: protects you from financial losses if a customer becomes ill or injured after eating your ice cream. For example, if a customer has an allergic reaction to a peanut butter flavour ice cream.
    • Vehicle insurance: you will need commercial catering vehicle insurance, which covers your vehicle in the event of an accident, theft or vandalism.
    • Business property insurance: in the event of a fire, theft, or other event listed on your policy, this covers your business property, such as equipment like your soft ice cream machine or your stock.
    • Employer’s liability insurance: it’s a legal requirement that if you employ any staff, you will need employer’s liability insurance to protect you from financial losses if an employee is injured or becomes ill as a result of their work.

    Every ice cream van and seller is different, and the specific types of insurance you may need will vary depending on the specific circumstances of your business. It is always best to check with us to make sure you have the cover you need.

    Why choose Acer Insurance for your ice cream van business?

    We keep things simple, we’re experts at what we do and we offer a first-class service. We understand the issues that outside caterers – and ice cream van businesses – face. We are independent so can tailor policies to your needs, and have more than 15 years’ experience insuring catering businesses. Our insurance service is straightforward and stress-free, and we keep everything in plain English so you know what you’re getting.

    Why is insurance important for ice cream vendors?

    All businesses need insurance to safeguard their business, equipment and finances. Ice cream van businesses are no different. You face risks that could lead to financial losses because you deal with people and food stuffs. Your van is your livelihood and if that is involved in an accident, stolen or damaged, your business will suffer financially.

    Just like with house or car insurance, insurance for your ice cream van gives you peace of mind. You can go about running your ice cream business without having to worry about the financial consequences of an unexpected event.

    What type of ice cream vans do we cover?

    We cover all makes and model of ice cream van, whether new, retro-fitted or refurbished.

    What are the most common types of insurance claims for ice cream van sellers?

    Stock theft is fairly common as is theft and accidental damage to vans. Just like any vehicle on the road, they are at the mercy of other road users but are particularly hard to replace if they get damaged, making it hard to carry on trading.

    What happens if I need to make a claim?

    As soon as anything happens to your ice cream van, whether that’s failed equipment, lost stock or damage to the van itself, let us know. Then we get the claims process started as quickly as possible.

    Call us today on 01959 528435 to get an instant quote or fill in your details here and we’ll get back to you.