• Liability and Equipment Fairground Insurance

    Whether you are a lessee or a tenant running a funfair, fairground or side show, you have the responsibility of protecting both your staff and visitors. If something does go wrong, you could be held liable and be subject to pay for the consequential court and investigation fees, alongside any potential compensation costs. This is why it’s important to ensure your insurance is fit for purpose.

    Whatever your equipment, a large adult ride to a hook a duck, without these, the show might not be able to go on. To ensure these are properly protected against damage, theft and vandalism, we will ensure that these are covered under your commercial showmen insurance policy.

    • Ride insurance including juvenile rides and adult rides
    • Showmen liability insurance
    • Catering kiosk insurance
    • Lessee of fair liability
    • Catering vehicle insurance

    Special discounts for members of the showmen community

    Let us know that you’re a member of the Showmen’s Guild, The Association of Independent Showmen (AIS) or Amusement and Catering Equipment Society (ACES) to get a discount.

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