• Circus Vehicles and Equipment Insurance

    The concept of a travelling circus is one of a kind and the types of vehicles and equipment required for such an operation are equally as unique. At Acer Insurance, we are specialist insurance brokers with 15+ years’ experience in arranging commercial policy solutions, including showmen and circus insurance.

    Circus Performers’ Vehicle Insurance

    As well as sourcing suitable protection for your performers’ vehicles, we can also arrange protection for circus lorries and vans, used to transport equipment from one location to another. As your equipment will often be in transit, we will ensure that these are protected while they’re on the road as part of your policy.

    Protecting Circus Equipment

    Should your equipment get damaged either accidentally or as a consequence of vandalism, your circus insurance policy can cover the cost of either repairing or replacing it as quickly as possible. Our team will work with you to ensure you have the level of cover you need.

    Circus Liability Insurance

    We can arrange competitive circus liability insurance options for both your performers and your visitors. This will aid you with any subsequent legal expenses if they suffer an injury or their property is damaged as a result of your circus.

    • Performers’ vehicle insurance
    • Circus liability insurance
    • Circus fleet insurance
    • Protection against damage resulting from fires, floods and storms
    • Protection against losses and damage through theft and vandalism

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