Spring repairs and renovations

Spring is naturally a time in which we feather our nest! The ‘Spring Clean’ put our focus on areas we want to renovate and improve. The change in season, brighter days and warmer weather makes it more practical (and makes us more inclined) to take on repair jobs. This year the onslaught of storms may have sped up the timescale in which we would normally have considered taking on repairs and renovations. Whatever type of home you live in, it may be that there are some serious repairs to undertake following the extreme high winds. We do hope not.

We have built up a strong relationship with showmen since launching Acer Insurance and we specialise in providing insurance policies that meet your unique needs. At Acer Insurance we offer insurance schemes that offer home cover whether you own a chalet, static caravan or living wagon (or all three!). Acer provide:
• Showmen’s static caravan insurance
• Liability insurance for your equipment in your yard

We also have schemes available that offer trailer and living wagon insurance for showman whilst away from home:
• Showmen’s living wagon insurance
• Showmen’s trailer and staff trailer insurance
• Liability insurance and equipment cover

Next time there is extreme weather on the forecast – and we know that extreme weather conditions are becoming increasingly likely with each year that passes – you can feel reassured that any repair costs will be covered by your insurance. You can then focus your own spending on those spring home improvements instead.

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