Managing a seasonal business

When you manage a business that has seasonal demand, your planning skills have to be on point. Income from peak periods can’t be sustained so careful budgeting has to take place to ensure it lasts through the year. You have cyclical demands for insurance. Showmen, for example, might be extraordinarily busy and working 7 days a week in the summer but they shut up shop after Bonfire Night and often don’t open again until Easter. Some showmen take on fairs for Christmas events but otherwise the colder months are not out on the road. So, for our showmen clients, liability insurance needs to be in place for when they start to re-engage with the public and take staff back on. Vehicle cover/motor insurance needs to be ready for when you take the show back on the road. Acer Insurance understand that your vehicles are vital to everyday business.  Similarly, insurance to cover the home that showmen families live in while working in different locations across the country has to be adequate and is very different to that provided for regular building and contents.

At Acer we have worked closely with the showmen community and built up an understanding of their specific needs. As soon as March hits we know we will be in demand for putting insurance policies in place that provide all the insurance protection you need for the coming season! We are Associate members of the Guild of Showmen and proud to offer a discount to other members of the Guild, the Association of Independent Showmen and Amusement & Catering Equipment Society.