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World Backup Day

World Backup Day helps to raise awareness of the need for data protection in a world increasingly dependent on technology for all aspects of our lives. Data backup is a traditional process of making copies of all data in order to store the essential confidential data and folders, separately from the source and off-site. For […]


Red weather warning – Storm Eunice 18th February

Eunice doesn’t sound scary but the forecast for her arrival is wild. The Met Office has issued a rare ‘Red’ Weather Warning as Storm Eunice is forecast to bring extremely strong winds and disruption to the UK tomorrow, Friday 18th February. The Red Weather Warning for wind covers southwest coastal areas of the UK, where the […]


Flood risk in the UK – a guide for home buyers & home owners

The United Kingdom is an island with a long coastline and many rivers. It is therefore prone to flooding. The risk of flooding, and the intensity of floods, has increased in the last decade due to climate change which as we see ever more clearly, is causing extreme weather events. Urban development also contributes to […]